The first film I put in the camera was color film because I didn’t know any better—the world was in color, it was natural. There was an argument at that time that color wasn’t art, that black and white was the art of photography. If you’re going against the conventional wisdom of any time, you immediately are in a conflict. I think it’s important for us to run into these conflicts along our artistic paths now and then because they give us something to stand up for. Of course, I didn’t know why or how to make the argument. But over time I learned what it was that I needed to say and how to think about things. It was enriching for me and it gave me courage. I think it takes a lot of negotiation with yourself to be an artist because if you depend on others for their ideas, you’ll be spun around in a million different ways. I’m sure this has happened to you. At your age you must be surrounded by the professional world of older artists like myself, whose works are filled with temptations. So how do you maintain your identity? I think it’s a challenging thing.

Joel Meyerowitz via VICE

Nov 5, 2012