Aug 14, 2012

UGG Australia came to a little while back and asked if I wanted to be part of a new initiative they have started called the Creative Council. This is how they describe, since I’m really not the best at that kind of thing.

The Creative Council was founded by UGG® Australia to foster the creative spirit. It’s a project about exploring areas of passion in a quest to inspire others. Through the dedication of the eight curious and passionate individuals that make up the Creative Council, we will share new and limitless creativity with the world.

So through the support of the Creative Council I’m currently traveling the west coast and working on a new personal project that I am incredibly excited for. You can watch my intro video above, but be forewarned that it’s incredibly awkward and painful to watch because A) I am incredibly awkward, and B) because I am terrified of being on video. You can check out the Creative Council page and see all the other amazing and talented people they have picked to work with.