Jul 15, 2012


Looking for a girl who would be interested in modeling for a major upcoming project. I’m shooting it over the course of a two week road trip around the western half of the United States. Tentative dates right now are July 27th through August 11th. New York based is preferable but not a requirement. Because of the nature of road trips, we are looking for someone very easy going and pleasant to be around for extended periods of time. I do have somewhat of a look in mind but it is not set in stone. For the main photo series that I’m shooting the model will not be recognizable, the face and body will be covered or obscured. However, I am shooting various other series as well, and we are looking for someone who will not mind being photographed at least partially nude. Please also feel free to reblog or email me suggestions of people you think would be interested.

To be honest, I’m more or less offering up the chance to have the crazy american road trip of your dreams for free, so I don’t know why you wouldn’t at least try.

Not necessarily looking for a professional model. I want someone real. I want you. Please email head shots and full bodies to noah@novh.us.